From the Kennedy Files Part V: Oswald with his Rifle, His Mug Shot, Telegrams from “farmer’s Branch Coward

The fifth in a series of posts before the 50th anniversary of November 22nd, 1963, about that fateful day and the days afterward.

Click here for part one (Ruby’s mug shot, Oswald’s arrest warrant, the famous “cut out” photo, and telegrams calling Oswald a filthy tramp)

Click here for part two (Oswald after he was arrested, The grassy knoll statement, Oswald’s fake ID and the FBI investigating whether Ruby was gay)

Click here for part three (Ruby’s stripper girlfriend, Oswald’s Texas Theater seat, Ruby’s lawyer has a heart attack, and Frank Sinatara’s Drummer’s role in the events of the day)

Click here for part four (the scene in the parking garage right after Oswald was shoot, Ruby’s Psy evaluation, and Oswald’s family visit him in jail)

Everything is from the City of Dallas’s file on the Kennedy assassination and the Oswald murder from online the City of Dallas achieves. Some are presented without comment other aren’t. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Oswald’s Original Mug Shot

mug shot lee harvey oswald

Oswald and his famous photo

oswald rifle twoIt’s interesting that the police’s file on Oswald also includes the photos below with Oswald cut out, and with a police officer standing in his place.

cut outdallas dectiveOfficer Tippit’s File

j.d. tippit's file

Officer Tippit was gunned down by Oswald shortly after Kennedy was shot.  The following is an account of the shooting.  Notice how Mr. Callaway, a used car salesmen, saw the murder, picked up Tippit’s gun hailed a cab and proceeded to try and chase down Oswald in order to shoot him.  Ballsy Mr. Callaway, I’ll give you that.

JD Tippit

Speaking of Ballsy, or not so much, two telegrams to Ruby, one from “Farmers Branch Coward”

farmer's branch coward

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