DIBTA: 20 reasons why Dallas Is Better Than Austin

DIBTA – it stands for “Dallas Is Better Than Austin.”

1.  We built a park on top of our freeway.  You built a freeway on top of your freeway.




klye warren

2.  Dirk Freaking Nowitzki.

Both as a MVP world champion athlete


And as a person (seen here in Kenya with his wife at their wedding.)


3.  Our biggest contribution to Tex-Mex is the frozen margarita, yours is a contest to see how many potato egg and bacon burritos you can eat.

So famous and delicious that there’s one in the Smithsonian.


Um…Man V. Food famous?


4.  An actual African American community with a strong musical history that dates back to Robert Johnson and runs all the way through to Erykah Badu (quick name one black person from Austin that didn’t play for UT).


robert johnson

More Dallas



white p9oeple

5.  Roundup is better than, wait do you have any gay cowboy saloon dance club that Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence like?  No, okay just checking.


Lady Gaga at Roundup (Not pictured Austin)


6.  We’re not inundated by 200 of the biggest blowhards every other year for several months. (The Texas legislature)


This looks like a conversation I want to be a part of said no one ever

7.  120 miles of light rail and commuter rail service versus 50 (DART versus the Capital). 

Dallas’s extensive DART network

dart map

Austin’s, um…extensive red line north?

Capital MetroRail Red LineAlso DART’S least busy rail line carries three times as many passengers as the enitre rail system for Austin does.

8.  Our festivals aren’t sponsored by huge corporations, or over run by tens of  thousands of people from LA, Chicago or New York.  But they are headlined by local bands and not arena bands like Coldplay, The Eagles, or Van Morrison. 

Polyphonic Spree playing at Dallas’ Homegrown Festival


Coldplay? Van Morrison? Journey???? playing at “Target presents the Samsung South by Southwest Festival sponsored by Pepsi.”


9.  Ron Washington 


He’s having more fun in life than you Austin.

10.  Arguably the strongest and most vibrant LGBT community in Texas.


Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez has been a proud lesbian for years and the elected sheriff since 2006.

11.  Our “off the beaten path hang out spots” stay that way.  They aren’t inundated by hipsters every weekend and over exposed.


We like to keep our hidden gems hidden.

12.  Our basketball coach named Rick is better than yours.  (Mavs coach Rick Carlie is better than UT’s Rick Barnes).

Notice the background behind our coach named Rick


Now notice the background behind yours

rick banres

Hmmmm….what’s the difference

13.  White Rock Lake is better than Barton Springs.  (where’s the Barton Springs Marathon).


Lake > Spring

14.  Denton is better then Round Rock.

Denton below.


Round Rock below


15.  High fashion in Dallas is more then a nice pair of jeans.  Cough, cough Neiman’s  cough.

High Fashion in Dallas (that’s Neiman’s head Stanley Marcus with French designer CoCo Channel at Neiman’s in Dallas)


As opposed to “High” Fashion in Austin


16.  Petilocas is better than Live Oak, – at least according to the medals they win at all those American Beer Award thingys.  Haven’t heard of it, well that’s simple you arrogant beer snubs.  It’s because according to their owner, “…calls from Austin to sell his beer there are largely ignored. ‘For years I drove down there for good beer, now they need to come up here.”


This is Michael Peticolas, founder of Peticolas brewing. If you look closely you can see that he’s flipping off Austin.

17.  Our suburban minor league teams are better than your yours.


Go Allen Americans!!

18.  Lee Park Easter Hat Derby


Celebrate Pride

19.  The Red River Rivarly.  The biggest annual football game your team plays doesn’t even happen in your town.  Plus, when do the Cowboys, Mavericks, Stars or Rangers play a meaningful game in Austin.

red river

Texas-OU at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas (Again Not Pictured Austin)

20.  Our skyline. Nobody ever wrote a song about how great Austin looks at night from a DC-9.


79 thoughts on “DIBTA: 20 reasons why Dallas Is Better Than Austin

    • Pretty much completely wrong…Austin City Limits, as a show, has been around since the 1970’s. The respect it has in the music industry is enormous. It has introduced bands to the world and is pretty much (like Red Rocks in Colorado) is on every musician’s “want to play” list.

    • Yeah, no. Tim DeLaughter, “the guy from Polyphonic Spree”, has absolutely nothing to do with ACL as far as I know. He is a life-long Dallas resident (Originally the frontman for Dallas band Tripping Daisy) and the only thing other than bands that he has “created” is the local Dallas Record store GOOD RECORDS.

    • I have, it’s a very fine Lake. But it’s not an urban lake or urban park in the same way White Rock Lake is. I’d compare it more to Lake Lewisville or even Lake Texoma. And as to which of those lakes is the best….that’s a different argument.

  1. Capital is 32 miles of rail lol not 50
    Austin is largest city in US with no Pro teams and one interstate
    No State Fair in Austin
    No world class music venues– helloooo Not even a House of Blues, Gilleys or Palladium
    No world class symphony or opera in Austin
    Everything on east side of 35 is flat and ugly in Austin
    No world class airport with 20 international non-stop flights
    No Deep Ellum, no St Patty parade to even come close to matching ours
    Dallas in 100 songs, 30 Tv programs…. Austin??
    Dallas has no Rick Perry and we have a former president living here

    • “No world class music venues– helloooo Not even a House of Blues, Gilleys or Palladium”

      hob fucking sucks. have u ever heard of stubb’s or emos just cuz the hob is a name that people know like burger king does not make it a world class venue.

      • Sons of Hermann Hall, The Granada, The Kessler, The Longhorn Ballroom where the Sex Pistols played their only Texas Show…all in Dallas and are decidedly not HOB or Burger King like. But I’ll stop short of suggesting that Dallas has better music venues than Austin.

      • As an active musician/recording artist, I would have to say, even our smaller venues are way better than yours.
        Also, i’m a resident to both, Dallas and Austin.
        Dallas is STILL better for music, which is.. “weird” ??? (Only thing weird about Austin)
        …austin claims to have a bigger/better music scene.

        “bee tee dubbbyaaa.”
        Trees > emos + stubbs.

        Sure you don’t like hob, what about palladium?
        And yes hob is a world class venue.

        Just like “Mcdonalds” being a world class fast food restaurant..
        You can find one in every country..
        For the most part, you can find a hob in well.. a lot of cities.. including the favorited musical cities..

        Wait, Austin?

        Austin is a party city, simple as that.
        It’s just a trend… and it’s barely weird anymore.
        The culture faded years ago.

        Sorry for the long post, but Austin isn’t even close to Dallas..

    • Moody Theater in Austin (it’s relatively new) is one of the best venues for live music in the world. It’s awesome. It’s also great to see shows at the Paramount, One World Theater and tons of other places. Austin is not the best place to be in a band (there are too many, and too many clubs that don’t pay much) but it’s a great place to go see/hear them.

      • This. I’ve seen live shows in more places than I can remember, and the Moody Theater has a nuance that no other place I’ve ever been does. San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Nawlins, LA. It has everything good about a huge hall with the intimacy of a small club. The did it right. And the Bass Concert Hall isn’t too shabby, either. But that’s a different ball of wax.

        As I’ve noticed in just about any arena in life, when something touts itself as “better than [insert name here],” it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s not better, and has an inferiority complex.

        Oh, and ‘bee tee dubya’, though not on the music front, frozen margaritas are pretty much the bottom of the drink chain, served and enjoyed by people who have no clue what an actual margarita can be.

  2. Given that people are still flooding into Austin (about a hundred a day, at last count) and most of them tend to come from Dallas, Houston, or somewhere in California, many of us Austinites are thrilled to see articles like this. Please write more of them and perhaps those of us down here in lameland can forward them and help share them. -regards, SMHP (stop moving here please)

    • Both Austin and Dallas are experiencing rapid growth, pretty much every large city in Texas is. So it’s not a case of people from Dallas moving to Austin, they’re coming from elsewhere. But I think the attitudes to those new transplants are different. In Austin its “Welcome to Austin please don’t move here” while in Dallas it’s “Welcome to Dallas, please stay here.” And as a fan of Austin, though clearly I prefer Dallas, I agree that rapid population in Austin screws with much of what makes Austin great.

  3. So agree with all of these! Move to Dallas guys, don’t move here to Austin! Wow it is the absolute worst!!! Dallas though…definitely move there.

  4. I have to say. . . The Texas Stars > Allen Americans. Even though Allen won a championship in their league, the Texas Stars are the Dallas Stars minor league squad. All our future players will make a stop through there before they come here.

    That said, I’m with you 100%! Especially on the beer part! Dallas Craft Beer >>>>>>> Austin.

    • Because it was shoved down our throats. I hate the stupid F1 and the cronies who built it here without even asking citizens if they wanted it. How can you brag about something you did not get a voice for?

  5. I think it’s good for people to be proud and represent, but I grew up in Dallas and couldn’t wait to get away from the pretentiousness. Who cares what you have or how big your skyline is. It’s all about the attitude you have (ie: this article). But I do hope this article sways the thousands of people projected to move to Austin from all the positive readings about us to move to Dallas instead. Keep up the good work!

    • Tony, sorry you grew in Dallas with people and places that were pretentious. Frankly put, you hung out with the wrong people in the wrong places if that was your overall impression of Dallas. Dallas has and has always had people and places that are completely unpretentious, unassuming, laid back and non-judgmental. But as I point out in the post, we tend not to talk about them much or champion them because we understand that part of what makes them great is that laid back unassuming inclusive nature. If we championed them, then they are forced to become exclusive and they lose what we first liked about them. It’s called imperial nostalgia. And on a macro level it’s what’s happening to Austin. Austin creates a “weird” culture, people move down there for that culture, because all those people moving down there, Austin loses its weird culture and the reasons why people moved there in the first place.

      • So you’re hanging with the unpretentious, “laid back” scene in Dallas while cruising Neiman Marcus for the latest fashions and sitting courtside (or wherever) to watch Dirk Nowitski? Should have thrown Dallas Cowboys in there, too. I grew up in Dallas and left after graduating high school. I still visit often. You’re correct, there are some really great things about Dallas, but it’s no better or worse really than any big city. It has its cool areas and they are landlocked by expensive car-driving, suburb-living, mostly affluent red-staters. I don’t really even prefer Dallas to Fort Worth (or San Antonio, for that matter). A lot of what you said about Austin is true, too. It sucks that it’s changing so fast. But that’s life and maybe the next cool town will pop up somewhere else and be great.. until it isn’t.

  6. I’ve always liked Dallas more than Austin until this article. Not only is it tacky but it’s inaccurate. You should feel ashamed that you’ve chosen to do such a disservice to such a great city.

    P.s. The Texas Stars are one of the best teams in the AHL and have two of the top scorers in the league. A league that contributes eighty four percent of today’s NHL players. No suburban/CHL team can match that.

  7. And one reason to move to Austin (which I did after only 6 months in Dallas)…to get away from pretentious individuals whose insecurities drive them to get their self worth by seeking faults in others and only comparing what they perceive their strong points to be rather than appreciating what each person has to offer. Not everyone in Dallas is like that but a large sector, especially in the gay culture there, is. And no I wasn’t an outcasted one (as I was young, athletic, “tall dark and handsome” and finishing a biochemistry degree…everything that community deemed valuable) but I was also in a committed relationship to where the opinions of others were filtered and authenticity became the redeeming standard. Seeing the hypocrisy of crying out for everyone to accept them no matter how their actions impose on the values of those around them yet at the same time being so judgmental and closed minded themselves just made me sick.

  8. I’m a proud, 3rd generation, born & bred Dallasite! I love Dallas! We are diverse, we are innovative and resourceful and when we have our hearts set on getting things done in our city, we pander to our blue-blooded founders send get things done. Austin natives, Dallasites have one-upping Ft. Worth, you will never be able to convince us to concede to bring inferior to ANY other city in our great state! Take this as a chance to learn what we have to offer and maybe Steve to

  9. I live in Dallas, and am from Austin originally.
    Austin is far better, even if some of your points are valid.

    #2 What does a tall German have to do with anything? Willie Nelson, y’all.
    #3 It’s not a fact, it’s an accepted fact. There are other cities that claim to be the birth place of the margarita.
    #4 The answer is The King; he plays bass guitar on 6th street, has been approached by many record labels and has turned them all down, and he’s blind. SUCK IT!!
    #5 Lady Gaga is the reason for the fail.
    #6 No, Dallas has Jerry Jones and other entitled douche bags.
    #8 Lies
    #13 But I can actually swim in Barton Springs…not so much at White Rock Lake. Barton Springs is a “pool” so they can’t actually be compared.
    #14 San Marcos > Denton (and I thought I was back in San Marvelous when I drive through Denton.) Round Rock doesn’t even HAVE a legit university in it.
    #15 Pretentious and Entitled Douchebags and Gold Digging Trophy Wives.
    #19 So having pro teams makes you a better city? I’m lost on that one.

    Oh, and the Red River game is nothing without UT…which is in Austin.

    • In response
      #2 Dirk’s one of the most personable, relatable, enjoyable and downright goofy professional athletes in the world. And my concern about Willie is how much does he actually “live” in Austin and not live on the road.
      #3 I didn’t say invented the margarita, which is a disputable fact. I said invented the “frozen margarita” which is not.
      #4 However good he is, I’d counter with Blind Lemon Jefferson ‘s history with Dallas. He’s considered the Father of Texas Blues
      #5 Jennifer Lawrence? .
      #6 I’d like to see a d-bag off with the entitled douche bags of uptown Dallas and the entitled douche bags of UT frats.
      #8 Truth
      13 Okay, how about, White Rock Lake is better than Lady Bird Lake. Better comparison?
      #14 Okay we agree Round Rock sucks, but in Denton v. San Marcus I’d still take Denton.
      #15 I’m not talking about d-bags and trophy wives, I’m talking about normal laid back people. Dallas knows how to clean up. Look more into Stanley Marcus and you’ll understand.
      #19 I didn’t say, having the mavericks or Stars is better than UT sports, I said your biggest annual game regardless of pro/college is played here, and ours is never played in Austin.

  10. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! Now hopefully everyone that wants to move to Texas will look past the outright pretentiousness of this post, and move to Dallas instead of my hometown. We can’t handle anymore of the hyped-up BS of “best cities to live” and the constant influx of new, out-of-towner residents who want to experience it for themselves. We like our small city/big town feel…. YOU TAKE ‘EM! Thanks! 😉

    • First there’s a difference between civic pride and being pretentious.

      But second, you’re being somewhat hypocritical. You can’t say, “Dallas you’re pretentious for thinking you’re better than Austin. But I’m totally going to go with it because I don’t like a bunch of new people moving into Austin.” The implication is that you think you’re better than they are…which is pretentious.

  11. Austin’s festivals are overrun by people from Dallas. lol.

    I should thank you for making this list because maybe now people will stop moving to Austin hoping for a “weird” place to live.

  12. Totally agree. Make sure everyone sees this and they move to DFW instead. PLEASE!!
    1 thing though, Whit Rock is not even close to being as good as Town Lake, and is totally blown away by Barton Springs.
    But please everyone stay in Dallas!!

  13. Lived in Austin for 16 years (east TX, near Dallas for the first half of my life), moved to CT for a bit a few years back, now in Seattle. With that being said, no one on either coast has ever said “man, I want to check out Dallas, I’ve heard it was great” or “I’d love to move to Dallas”. I have, however, heard many many people say (on both coasts) “I’ve hear Austin is awesome” or “I would love to live in Austin”. Obviously this is a small sample and can by no means constitute any sort of actual study or general population sample, but I found it funny from my experience.

  14. Whoever wrote this article is just feeding the Dallas stereotype of being pompous and entitled. Dallas is my hometown, but this article makes me happy that I moved away. Why does Dallas have to be better than Austin? Why can’t Dallas just be Dallas. Everyone knows both cities have amazing features that make them stand out from each other. Dallas is a great place to meet people, make money, and have a little fun in between.

    Not only does the writer of this article come off like one of those dudes in a blazer and blue button down fist pumping and spilling his drink everywhere in Uptown on the weekends, but most of these points are false. White Rock Lake is not better than Barton Springs. You can’t swim in White Rock Lake. And the points that discredit ACL and SXSW as being too corporate are desperate. Dallas would kill to have either of these events that draw national and global coverage. You failed to mention that the Dallas Cowboys have been a complete embarrassment for the past 17 years. You forgot the main thing that makes Dallas great: 1310 the Ticket.

    In conclusion, this article is not strong and you are blowing it right now.

    • Grant,

      First, I agree, The Ticket should be on the list, big oversight for the little ticket.

      Second, I can assure you I’m not a look at my striped shirt, uptown d-bag

      Third, I put together the list because a lot of people in Austin have the feeling that they’d so much better than Dallas that’s not even a question. Look at the response the post got. Most of the response from Austin has been, “what? how could anyone actually think this? Whatever, you’re pretentious. I’m not even going to try respond.” If there wasn’t the belief that Austin is soo much better than Dallas, then the response would have been different.

      Lastly, you’re right about Dallas and Austin being independent cities with certain advantages and disadvantages to each. Perhaps it should have been 20 ways in which Dallas is better than Austin, and I’m sure someone could up with 20 ways in which Austin is better than Dallas.

    • You forgot to mention that Dallas can’t hold on to its professional sports teams. What’s next? The Arlington Mavericks? And you forgot its corrupt city government. And the fact that it can’t afford to patch potholes.

      I’ll also add that comparing White Rock Lake to Barton Springs is apples and oranges. An appropriate comparison to White Rock Lake is Town Lake/Ladybird Lake.

  15. My rebuttal:
    1. We already have plenty of green spaces like Zilker, the Greenbelt, Town Lake, ect. around town. No need to repurpose our infrastructure.
    2. I often say the one thing this city is missing is a major sports team… im just glad that im not surrounded by delusional cowboys fans
    3. Im sure our tex-mex stacks up equally to the stuff yall have… and at least people come to our city to shoot episodes. (man vs. food, no reservations and bizarre foods come to mind)
    4. The Victory Grill, Gary Clark Jr.
    5. Im up to date on niche Austin gay bars but I am sure there are plenty of fabulous ones. I could care less what bars celebrities endorse.
    6. Yes, good job, that is what happens when the state capital is in your city.
    7. No argument here, Austin has a horrible mass transit system.
    8. Free Week, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin Psych Fest, Moontower Comedy Fest, Fantastic Fest… im sure there are more im missing.
    9. see #2
    10. Austin and equality go hand in hand
    11. They stay that way because Dallas people rather go hell holes like Concrete Cowboy.
    12. No argument here. (Houston sports fan)
    13. Ive never been to that lake so I have no take. Barton Springs is incredible though, your loss.
    14. That may be but San Marcos is better than Denton.
    15. I dont care about high fashion. I like the way women dress here. Enjoy your materialism.
    16. Calling us beer snubs then saying some guy is flipping us off. Makes sense. Actually, Austin has a few breweries that have won awards Austin Beer Works, Hops and Grain, Whip In, Pinthouse Pizza, Adelberts, Jester King and probably more. Deep Ellum does good stuff though.
    17. Ok?
    18. Again with the gay stuff, we get it, yall are accepting. We have Pride, silly hats are worn as well.
    19. The game is held in Dallas because its between Norman and Austin and shit would get rowdy with the rivals going to the oppositions campus. Congrats on your geographic location.
    20. Your city is larger, you should have a better skyline.

  16. All these comments were fantastic. I should’ve gotten some popcorn for the read… haha. As someone who has lived in both Dallas and Austin, I’m glad I landed back in Fort Worth to settle.

  17. This article reeks of insecurity and defensiveness that typifies the average, pretentious, dick-swinging mindset that is Dallas. I lived in Dallas for six years and in Austin for over seven now. But, yes, by all means, I encourage you and yours to stay in Dallas and transplants to move to Dallas.

  18. Crossing my fingers that this directs the population away from ATX, BUT I will say: Austin’s mexican martini > Dallas’s frozen margarita any day.

  19. The main difference is that Austin, for the last 25 years has struggled to limit growth. “If we do not build it, they will not come” is the way the mayor recently put it. Obviously that strategy failed us miserably because they kept coming and coming. Dallas, on the other hand, painfully wants and needs to be on the world stage. “Maybe they will finally like us and think we are pretty if we build a gleaming new [insert project here]”. I really like Dallas. It is a unique place with so much to offer and it does not need people like you desperately trying to validate it. My advice to you is to stop worrying about what people in Austin or anywhere else thinks of Dallas and just enjoy your fun and lovely town.

  20. “where the Sex Pistols played their only Texas Show”
    Nope. Randy’s Rodeo, San Antonio, 1978. I’d consider it an even more memorable show than the one at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, minus the Nervebreakers of course. Watch any vid of it and you’ll see why.

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