From the Kennedy Files Part III: Oswald’s Seat in the Texas Theater, Frank Sinatra’s Drummer and Ruby’s Strippers

The third in a series of posts before the 50th anniversary of November 22nd, 1963, about that fateful day and the days afterward.

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Everything is from the City of Dallas’s file on the Kennedy assassination and the Oswald murder from online the City of Dallas achieves.  Some are presented without comment other aren’t.  Click on the images to enlarge them.

Officer pointing to the seat where Oswald was captured

where oswald was arrested

Statement to Police regarding Ruby’s stripper “Little Lynn” regarding pimps and prostitutes

ruby's mistress

You really needs to click and read the statement, its great.  It’s a statement from an unnamed source with information about Karen Lynn Bennet.  Not sure which sentence is the best, either the one where police identify the woman as “…the stripper at Jack’s Ruby’s Club and the one arrested with a pistol at Ruby’s bond hearing.”  Or the one where the informant says he noted that several characters at the apartment which he believes are pimps and prostitutes are “…in and out of there all hours and their dress is not becoming at times.”  My heavens.

A drunken phone call from Iowa reveals real killer of Kennedy

frank sinatara's drummer killed kennedy

If you didn’t enlarge the picture to read it, i’ll quickly sum up.  In June of 1967 Dallas police received a call from Iowa, at 1:20 in the morning, from a man who was clearly drunk telling him he had information on Kennedy’s killer.  Clearly this phone call would only lead to credible information.  The man told police that the drummer in Frank Sinatra’s band shot Kennedy while standing in front of him in the parking lot of the Texas School Book Depository.  No word if Dallas police followed up on the tip.

Statement regarding Ruby’s attorney having a heart attack when he saw Ruby shoot Oswald

ruby's att heart attackRuby was having some tax issues, surprise he ran a night club/strip club, his attorney for the tax issues was out in California, when he saw Ruby shoot Oswald, he had a heart attack.