From the Kennedy Files Part I: Oswald’s Arrest Warrant, Ruby’s mug shot, the “cut out” photo and Filthy Telegrams

This is the first in a series of posts before the 50th anniversary of November 22nd, 1963, about that fateful day and the days afterward.

Everything is from the City of Dallas’s file on the Kennedy assassination and the Oswald murder from online the City of Dallas achieves.  Some are presented without comment other aren’t.  Click on the images, to enlarge them.

Ruby’s mug shot

mug shot

Oswald’s Arrest Warrant, note the NO BOND, underlined at the end

no bond

Telegram (popular at the time) sent to Oswald (In City Jail, Dallas) from Joe Hughes in Houston, calling him a “Filthy Tramp”

oswald flithy tramp

Picture found in Oswald’s apartment, with the image of a man holding a “gun” and “newspaper” cut out.

cut out