From the Kennedy Files Part IV: The Scene right after Oswald was Shoot, Ruby’s Psy Evaluation, Oswald Wife visits him in Jail

The fourth in a series of posts before the 50th anniversary of November 22nd, 1963, about that fateful day and the days afterward.

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Everything is from the City of Dallas’s file on the Kennedy assassination and the Oswald murder from online the City of Dallas achieves. Some are presented without comment other aren’t. Click on the images to enlarge them.

The Scene in the Jail’s Basemeant after Oswald was Shot

right after the shooting

Check out the guy in the top right, below the with the paper covering his mouth, almost looks like he’s smiling.  A conspiracy theorist would say he’s smiling cause he knows Oswald will now never talk.  But for most of us, it’s because he’s maybe a little happy that the man who killed the country’s President is now likely dead.

Two months after Ruby shot Oswald, he was evaluated by a Psychiatrist.  This is the first page of the evaluation.

psy evlu of rubyI’ll skip the boring details and head to the highlights.  He’s been knocked out numerous times including once by two Chicago cops, and once by a woman who hit him over the head with a jug of wine.  He had the tip of his index finger bitten off in another fight.  He’s had gonorrhea six of seven times, though he used protection by means of “fish skins.”

Oswald’s Wife and Mother get permission to visit him in jail, the day after he was arrested.

permit to see oswald in jail

Seriously think about this for a second. This guy is under arrest for murdering the President, and then his wife and mother just stroll on in roughly 24 hours later to visit, and it’s allowed.  In the present day, if someone was under arrest for murdering the President what are chances that his family can see him within the first week let alone first day.  Hell, Oswald was under arrest for murdering a police officer too, you think the murderer of a cop today would be allowed visitations within the first day.  Not sure if that say more about the justice system then or now.

Lastly, because this all comes from a City’s file, you have to find some bureaucratic processes.

A memo regarding revocation of Ruby’s Liquor license based on his recent actions after killing Oswald

ruby liquor permit

In Texas you have to have a license to sell liquor which Cities have to approve.  Ruby’s club had one, but within days of Ruby shooting Oswald, the police were asking to have that permit revoked.  If you’re wondering about that paragraph talking about Ruby not being “of good moral character or his reputation for being a peaceable, law-abiding citizen.”   Well that actually comes out the laws of the great state of Texas.  Where a man can be denied a liquor permit because “the applicant is not of good moral character or his reputation for being a peaceable, law-abiding citizen in the community where he resides is bad”