From the Kennedy File Part II: The origin of the Grassy Knoll statement, Oswald’s fake ID and his police station photo

The second in a series of posts before the 50th anniversary of November 22nd, 1963, about that fateful day and the days afterward.

Click here for part one (Ruby’s mug shot, Oswald’s arrest warrant, the famous “cut out” photo, and telegrams calling OSwald a filthy tramp)

Everything is from the City of Dallas’s file on the Kennedy assassination and the Oswald murder from online the City of Dallas achieves.  Some are presented without comment other aren’t.  Click on the images, to enlarge them.

Oswald after his capture with the Police

oswald and st. warren

Two things, first, the context of the picture.  No details are available to determine if the officers in the picture know they caught the man who killed JFK or just caught the man who killed Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit.  But second, look at the photo, look at the officer on the left, his hatred of Oswald, his fuming anger.  He looks like he’s going to beat Oswald to death right there.  If he knew Oswald killed JFK, he’s likely expressing the feelings of millions of Americans at the time.  But then Oswald looking confident, almost cocky, like he’s standing up for something or will ultimately be proven innocent. And then the officer on the right, who looks like he knows he’s caught up in something far bigger then himself, and he just wants to go home and see his family.

S.M. Holland’s statement to the police regarding a shooter behind the grassy knoll

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grassy knoll

Holland says in his statement that he saw puffs of smoke and shots coming from an area that would become known as the Grassy Knoll. His statement combined with a few others would become part of the bases for conspiracy theorists. The last line of his statement is interesting too, “Everything is spinning in my head and if I remember anything else I’ll come back and tell Bill.”

Oswald’s fake ID

oswald's fake id

When the police first questioned Oswald after arresting him, they asked why he had two ID’s, one his real ID the other this fake one.   He told the detective, “you’re the detective, figure it out.”

Dallas Police report the FBI looked into whether or not Ruby was gay.

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ruby ho

Two FBI agents, from New Oreleans, apparently had a source that said in some file in Dallas, Ruby was reported as gay.  Because in the end, that would have made a difference?