Dallas is a town of transplants.  Seems like everyone comes from somewhere else.  We’re also a town that doesn’t do a great job of explaining why things in Big D are the way they are.  I aim to change that in my own little way.

Personally I am one of like twelve people who you’ll meet in Dallas that’s actually from Dallas…East Dallas-White Rock Lake neighborhoods specifically.  And I am the son of a man from the Lakewood area of Dallas, who is the son of a man from the Old East Dallas neighborhood of Dallas, who was the son of a man from the South Dallas neighborhood of Dallas who was the son of a man who came to Dallas before the 1900’s who’s buried in Dallas and was fond of sleeping on front porch of his house on Pine Street in Dallas before A/C was invented.

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  1. Also a native Dallasite. Born in 1935 and have seen many many changes. Really enjoyed your pictures and comments. Lived on Dallas street.

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