Most Popular Questions

The White Rock Lake Question…Can you swim in the Lake, could you ever swim in it, and why it’s called white rock


The Campisi’s Question…Why it’s called the Egyptian Restaurant and the alleged mob connections


Where the Oldest Bar in Dallas is.  And why it’s so hard to figure out which one is the oldest.


The Most Progressive Neighborhoods in Dallas.  Hint they’re not in North Dallas




The Pegasus Question…Or what’s the deal with the Red Flying Horse in Dallas


The Name Dallas Question…Who founded Dallas and who it is named after




The Kennedy Files.

Click here for part one (Ruby’s mug shot, Oswald’s arrest warrant, the famous “cut out” photo, and telegrams calling Oswald a filthy tramp)

Click here for part two (Oswald after he was arrested, The grassy knoll statement, Oswald’s fake ID and the FBI investigating whether Ruby was gay)

Click here for part three (Ruby’s stripper girlfriend, Oswald’s Texas Theater seat, Ruby’s lawyer has a heart attack, and Frank Sinatara’s Drummer’s role in the events of the day)

Click here for part four (the scene in the parking garage right after Oswald was shoot, Ruby’s Psy evaluation, and Oswald’s family visit him in jail)

Click here for part five (Oswald’s mug shot, Tippit’s file photo, description of Tippet’s murder, telegrams congratulating Ruby)

Other Questions

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