Past Questions


Who the “Katy” in Katy trail is, and Why the trail only could of happened in Dallas…

Katy Trail  2005  Dahlia Woods

Hint it has to do with DART and Parkies

Educate yourself about Dallas, best books to read to understand the city and Texas…


No one book is enough,

What is Reunion Tower…


The strange story before french uptian settled, the kansas City cheifs, and a attempt to corner the world market for silver that lead to the steel lolli-pop

Why the Cowboys are called “America’s Team”


You can thank navy war heros and olympic gold medalists for that

Why some people treat El Fenix in downtown like the Mecca for Mexican Food

el fenix org

Actually, it’s Tex-Mex, not Mexican

The best urban, diverse, progressive, DIY-ing neighborhood in Dallas


Namely Old East Dallas and North Oak Cliff

Where “Dallas” high school is


Also the racism of some of the high school names in Dallas

Why the DART doesn’t go where you want it to go

DART Parade Bus

Because it had to start from scratch

Explaining our fondness of gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas


Actually it has to do with our churches

Top Ten Historical Places in Dallas you might not be aware of.


Explore Dallas a little.

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